What Do You See?

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Where others see blight, poverty and destruction, Architecture for Humanity sees a great place.

Through a global network of building professionals, Architecture for Humanity brings design, construction and development services to communities in need.

Our What Do You See campaign aims to raise $350,000 in general support for Architecture for Humanity by 2013. Your donation ensures we are there to help communities in need and rebuild after disaster. Donations towards general support fund the day-to-day operations of Architecture for Humanity and are crucial to keep our organization strong. General support spending represents less than 15% of annual budget. Funds go towards our chapters, the development of unfunded programs and projects, training, leadership programs, administration and good governance.

Together we have provided places to live, learn, work, gather and heal for 2.5 million people in more than 40 countries. Thank you to all who follow our work, appreciate what we do, and donate to help ensure that everyone can live in a great place.

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