Our Impact

Why Your Support Matters

Design is the ultimate renewable resource. The power of environmental influence on all aspects of life is too large to calculate. Neglecting the importance of efficiently designed spaces, is to neglect our control of a bright future for the world's communities. Good design means understanding that building a house or a school isn't just constructing shelter, but creating space for a people to live and grow independently, and efficiently.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My job here is to make mortar. The job is very important to me because it helps me survive, find money for my children. I could not do this otherwise."
- Dieubon Montrose, construction worker, École La Dignité, Cayes Jacmel, Haiti

"While our project's Design Fellow, Carla was very responsible and punctual with all appointments. I thank her for participating in numerous meetings to clarify our doubts, from concept to final design, sharing with everyone her innovative ideas and deep knowledge in the area.... Architecture For Humanity leaves a great legacy. Today we are a community more engaged and committed to social work and believe we can transform society."
- Neide Santos, community partner, Vida Corrida: CDC Nelson Nunes, São Paulo, Brazil

"The [Japanese] government does not offer aid for small manufacturing companies like mine. It has been a big challenge for my business. However, my wetsuits workshop is going to get rebuilt with the quick response of Architecture for Humanity."
- Yutaka Nakamura, owner, e5star Wetsuits, Ishinomaki, Japan

"It is so useful to have someone available all the time to explain what's happening. There are many complicated things in building a school and this new building is beautiful. It is not a building, it is a work of art, and we did that. Thank you."
- Vivianne Vieux, headmistress, École La Dignité, Cayes Jacmel, Haiti

"The design fellow was involved from the very early paperwork stages to the construction oversight, he was always checking the worksite to see if everything was going well.... He was to us like a guide providing quality to the project, also his charisma really connected with the community."
- Doria Rosas, director, Maria Auxiliadora School, Ica, Peru

"Paulo and Alina bring fantastic skills to our town and project. They do not just bring technical know-how but their humanity and personalities mean a lot to the youths in Manica. They took no time to be counted as friends and families. We know our project and Football for Hope Centre is in good hands and that they will ensure our Centre is relevant, contextual, beautiful and useful."
- Schalk van Heerden, Centre Host, Football for Hope Centre, Manica, Mozambique