Earthquake Relief in Sichuan, China

A powerful 7.9 earthquake struck the western province of Sichuan, China at 2:28p local time on Monday, May 12, 2008. We've started this project page to gather links to buildng information and earthquake-resistant design strategies. We welcome volunteers to help gather information as well as translate information. Please request to join the team using the link above.

News and Updates
School safety questioned after China quake (Reuters)

Chinese construction under scrutiny after quake (CNN)

Death Toll May top 50,000 (Telegraph UK)

Powerful Quake Strikes China (NY Times)

Chinese Government aiding in relief efforts (Xinhua)

Examples of Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts:
Unabody Homes (Costa Rica)

Fill Frame (Guatemala)

Visitation Hospital (Petite Riviere, Haiti)

Edakkal Hermitage (Wayanad, Kerala, India)

Manichira Child-Centred Recreational Park (Sultan Bathery, Kerala, India)

Nyaya (Sanfe Bagar, Achham, Nepal)

Nyaya Sahakara (Sanfe Bagar, Achham, Nepal)

Kalapuwa Sri Boys Orphanage: Kapungoda (Columbo, Panumugama, Sri Lanka)

Open-source Straw Bale House (Unspecified location)

SHRIMP (Sustainable Housing for Refugees via Mass Production) (Unspecified Location)

Examples of Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts in Pakistan:
Housing in Kasmir (Kashmir)

Structures Adapted for Earthquakes (Pakistan)

Earthquake Resistant Homes (Pakistan)

Pakistani Earthquake Relief Construction (Pakistan)

Earthquake Relief Shelter (Pakistan)

Along A Local Global Axis (Pakistan)

Gabion Recovery (Pakistan)

Traditional Houses in Hilly Areas Destructed in the Earthquake (Pakistan)

ReShack (Pakistan)

In Search of Roots (Kashmir)

Wrapped City (Pakistan)

Picking Up the Pieces (Pakistan)

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