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Typhoon Haiyan Recovery

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Manila Chapter active on the ground, while HQ develops its response

Posted by Yuko Okamura on Jan 2, 2014

Related program: Typhoon Haiyan Recovery

Two months since Typhoon Haiyan ripped though the Philippines, the latest statistics show that 14.1 million people were affected, with 4.1 million of them displaced*. While in most areas basic community services are being restored, key resources such as health, nutrition and sanitation related services are still lacking.

The Reconstruction and Resiliency team at Architecture for Humanity has been working with local architects to develop a long-term response to the Typhoon's devastation. Real recovery takes years. Real recovery doesn't mean a quick fix. It means empowering local communities with stronger building codes, better buildings, and hope for the future.

How does the Reconstruction and Resiliency team respond to a disaster?