Design Like You Give A Damn [2]

Design Like You Give a Damn [2] is an indispensable handbook for anyone engaged in the search for a more sustainable future. Documenting over 100 exemplary projects from around the world, it is packed with practical and ingenious design solutions that address the need for basic shelter, housing, education, health care, clean water and renewable energy. Personal interviews and provocative case studies demonstrate how innovative design is reimagining community and uplifting lives. From swing sets in refugee shelters to a coed skate park in war-torn Afghanistan; building material innovations such as smog-eating concrete to innovative public policy that is repainting Brazil’s urban slums, Design Like You Give a Damn [2] serves as a how-to guide for anyone seeking to build change from the ground up.

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Design Like You Give a Damn 2 - calling all nominations

Posted by satujackson on Nov 18, 2009

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Work for Design Like You Give a Damn 2 is underway. Please lend a hand by submitting nominations for projects that highlight breakthrough design solutions with the power and potential to improve our lives and the world. These designs may improve the human spirit, increase awareness of the environment, or respond to areas of need in the world, whether to provide shelter and clean water or address climate change and humanitarian crises. Click here to see the nomination entries to date.