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Creating a second life in Biloxi, MS

Posted by Cameron on Jun 24, 2010

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In 1999 we began with a website and a laptop, in 2004 we began using Creative Commons licensing on all our work and in 2005 we saw the Virtual Worlds community begin a number of experiments in Second Life. A few years on and we are seeing an incredible meshing between the virtual and real world.

The Arch Network does a great write-up on the Porchdog, designed by Marlon Blackwell for the Tyler Family in Biloxi, MS. During its' development a team of virtual designers prototyped the design in second life. Compare just how real you can get in the virtual world.

Rebuilding after Disaster: The Biloxi Model Home Program

Posted by Mike McCaffrey on Jan 14, 2010

Related program: Biloxi Model Homes

Rebuilding After Disaster: The Biloxi Model Home Program documents the rebuilding effort of a coalition of partners in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

We would like to thank all of the families, architects, engineers, construction professionals, volunteers, supporters, and sponsors of the Biloxi Model Home Program. This book is dedicated to them and all the residents of East Biloxi, Mississippi, whose love for the community made this work possible.

The book is currently available online.

Biloxi Model Home Program

Posted by on Jul 22, 2009

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We completed the Robinson House last week, and Andre Robinson was able to move into his house. We were sad to hear the news of Audrey Robinson's passing, our thoughts are with her family in these difficult times. This week we continue work on the last home for Richard Tyler.

As Tommy Calhoun, our design fellow on the ground says: "I have had an enlightening experience down here, and learned a vast amount about myself, my work, and other human beings, which equals time well spent. Despite what the inspectors and naysayers may say, I believe in this project and these houses, and am committed to making it happen and getting these things done the right way. I feel very positive about this."

Rebuilding After Disaster: Hurricane Katrina - The Biloxi Model Home Program

Posted by Cameron on Aug 27, 2008

Related program: Biloxi Model Homes

Design is only innovative if it is shared.

This week sees the publication of our second book, the first in a series entitled Rebuilding after Disaster. This 100 page softbound book covers the birth, development and construction of the Biloxi Model Home Program and a honest look at what it really takes to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. This is a field guide for getting it done.

The first edition will ONLY be available from our website and newsletter for $30 plus tax/shipping. All proceeds will go towards the rebuilding effort. Currently you can pre-order a book via links from our monthly newsletter and on this site starting September 1st.