Roškovce Community Center

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The construction of a community center for an isolated Roma village is part of the Enel Community Empowerment Program. The project is currently developed in Slovakia by Architecture for Humanity.

STATUS: Pre Design
NEXT MILESTONE: Finalise Grant Award documentation to allow schematic design phase to begin.

The remote Slovakia the village of Roškovce is home to around 500 Roma people, half of which are children and the rest are almost totally unemployed. The town’s small yet vital community center is a rented room in a building that belongs to the municipality. Over 150 children visit the community center daily, yet the building is in such poor condition that it has a leaking roof and insufficient heating, forcing the center to close every winter due to cold, and in the event of heavy rains.

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The project aims to build a new building that will host a community center in Rožkovce, in which local NGO partner People in Need will develop a series of programs around health, education and employment to assist the integration of the Roma community into the Slovakian society.

The new project includes:

  • Construction of a new community center.
  • Development of health, education, and employment programs.


Sponsoring partner Project Management Local Partner

The role of Architecture for Humanity is essential throughout all the project development stages. The first step is to analyze the feasibility of the project in order to design an appropriate building that relates to the existing context and the community can take full ownership of the project. Architecture for Humanity is managing the design, construction and construction administration of the school, making sure that the project represents the community’s objectives and the project is developed within schedule and budget. The role of Architecture for Humanity also consists in post-occupancy services in order to build a quality infrastructure that will be sustainable and used by the Roma Village community for many years to come.

Enel Funding Application Pre-design Package - 10 December 2012

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