Haiti Schools Initiative Grant


In partnership with StudentsRebuild.org (www.studentsrebuild.org) and other school funding partners, Architecture for Humanity is offering 1) design services and 2) construction funding support for Haiti schools seeking to rebuild after the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

This grant will focus on addressing the needs of the low-cost private school sector. As in many regions of the world, the low-cost private school market dominates the education sector in Haiti. It is important to note that only 15-20% of education was provided by the government . The other 80-85% of students were enrolled in low-cost private schools typically administered by school entrepreneurs, private individuals who ran one or more school campuses in a community.

Grant Application

Grant applications will temporarily close Monday September 27, 2010 and will remain closed for the rest of the year. During this time we will announce Round 1 and Round 2 grant recipients (on October 1 and December 15, respectively) and our team in Port-au-Prince will begin construction on the selected schools.

We recommend for those interested in applying for the grant to carefully review the application questions and be sure all of the information and appropriate documents (ie land titles) are accounted for. Questions can be directed to haitivolunteer@architectureforhumanity.org.

To review the application in French: Initiative des écoles Haïtiennes

To review the application in Creole: Inisyativ lekol Ayiti

About the Program

Benefits of participating:

Working with partners, Architecture for Humanity will provide services and funding to 10 schools in Haiti through this initiative. Each school selected will receive grants ranging from $15,000 to $150,000, contingent upon review of the approved design and satisfaction of the program requirements. The schools that are selected through this grant process will receive:

  • Pro bono design services from Architecture for Humanity’s Rebuilding Centre in Haiti
  • Funding from the Haiti Schools Initiative to bring structural and sustainable features to the schools that need additional funding to incorporate seismic retrofitting, rain water harvesting, alternative materials, etc.
  • The designs and construction will conform to
    • 2009 International Building Code
    • Caribbean Uniform Building Code
    • SSTD 10-99 Standard for Hurricane Resistant Construction
    • 2007 California Building Codes Title 24 (seismic engineering)
    • NFPA 101-2000: Life Safety Code
    • CHPS
    • USGBC LEED for Schools
  • The students and teachers will be involved in the design and development of the program and an eight-point lesson plan focusing on disaster management and post disaster recovery.
  • The students and teachers will get a chance to interact with students and teachers from schools in the United States and around the world through the Students Rebuild initiative (http://studentsrebuild.org/).
  • Funding can be used to build infrastructure to support after school activities and extra-curricular activities in addition to the basic academic requirements to run school.
  • Funding can be used to improve and renovate existing buildings, including seismic retrofits, as well as to build new structures.
  • Funding can be used to incorporate sustainable components, including materials, into existing and new school structures.
  • Funding can be used for transitional and permanent structures provided the transitional structures are designed to be converted into permanent structures in the long term. (Please note: Funding will not be provided for temporary structures.)
  • The selected school will receive assistance in meeting school building standards as directed by the Ministry of Education and to be approved by the Director Genie Scolaire or other designated representative/inspector as required


To be eligible for this grant application:

  • The school should be a low-cost private school serving working and middle-income families
  • The school should be registered with MENFP (Ministry of Education and Professional Training) or with the Haiti Ministry of Education
  • The school should be located within one of these areas: Port-Au-Prince, Leogane, Saut d’eau or Jacmel
  • Schools must be willing to engage teachers and students in the design and construction process as part of a leadership-training program in conjunction with Students Rebuild (www.studentsrebuild.org)
  • Schools must show additional sources of funding to be eligible for funds from this grant
  • The school management must demonstrate and show proof of funds and resources to run and manage the school up to certain minimum standards
  • This will include a plan for management, staff and infrastructure over a period of 5 years

Please note that Architecture for Humanity will not be providing full funding for rebuilding or renovation, but will provide part of the funding required or additional funding for construction and to bring sustainability or community engagement elements to the proposed school facility.

1. Name and title; 2. Telephone; 3. Address; 4. Email

If possible, include an estimate of the projection for the number of students in the next 5 years.

Here is a list of examples:
• Computer lab
• Science lab
• Providing sports amenities and train students in sports
• Community garden within school premises to teach children about healthy
and nutritional eating habits
• Community based activities on school premises. For example, after school
program for adults and students’ families like sessions on health and
hygiene issues, computer training etc.

For example library, kitchen, sanitation (toilet) facilities, drinking water facilities, play area etc.

If available, attach the plan or layout of your school.

If available attach one or more photographs of your school campus or
photographs documenting any activities in your school.

If approved for a grant, you will be required to provide documents for land title.