Active Design Fellows

Design Fellows at Architecture for Humanity gain new experiences while participating in valuable design work for the projects they serve. Meet our Design Fellows!

Kayo Andrews, Tohoku Rebuilding Program - Japan
Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, Kayo studied architecture at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and received D.Arch degree. She has worked for architectural firms specialized in Educational Facility, Research Center, and Hospital Design. She joined Architecture for Humanity in October 2013 as a design fellow to assist in rebuilding the Tohoku region of Japan.
Ofer Barpal, Bulawayo Football For Hope Centre - Zimbabwe
Ofer was born and raised in Israel where he grew up on a Kibbutz (an agricultural farm community unique to the country). Ofer studied Architecture at the University of Colorado, Denver, and upon completion of his Master’s degree, the family moved to Michigan where Ofer began his practice as an Architect. Since then, he has worked extensively in the areas of Retail, Healthcare, Assisted and Senior Living, Commercial Architecture, Interior Design, Residential, Hospitality, Space Planning and Food Service. Ofer first became involved with Architecture for Humanity when he moved to Washington DC in 2009 to start his own consulting firm. When a Design Fellowship opened up for a Football for Hope project, Ofer jumped at the chance to travel to Zimbabwe.
Rogério Costa, Tanzania Football for Hope Centre - Tanzania
From a family of contractors, architects and carpenters, Rogério has been living and working in the field of construction and architecture since an early age. He was born in South Africa, but moved to Oporto, Portugal in the late 80’s where he took his degree in Architecture and has been an accredited architect since 2001. Having experienced several working environments ranging from Municipal building department, small and medium sized architectural practices to partnership and management of own firm. Such diversity has skilled him with all stages of the design process, with project, construction, BIM management and IT supervisor. As a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in Portugal, Rogério enjoys both getting a “hands on feel” of construction as well as being amid multidiscipline environments.
Elena Ghibaudo, Kabondo Football for Hope Centre - Burundi
Originally from Italy, Elena studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin and at the Higher Institute of Architecture Lambert Lombard in Liege. She spent four months working in an oasis in Marocco studying earth building technology during the period of her Master's final thesis. In 2010, with seven other people, she founded Jenga! an architectural movement working throughout Italy, France and Belgium and she continues to be part of it. After graduating she returned to Morocco and lived there for two years working for an Italian NGO and LabTerra (Architecture University of Cagliari) to coordinate an apprenticeship building programme. Elena specializes in restoration and rehabilitation of earth construction. Where her focus is on architectural heritage in developing countries and on ecological and low-cost constructions as a way of a social and economic development.

Matthew Hughes, Addis Football for Hope Centre - Ethiopia
Matthew studied Architecture in Queensland, Australia where he worked in private practice and became registered as an Architect, and starting his own small architectural design practice. He has worked on two projects with Architecture for Humanity since 2011. The first was an Urban Schools Upgrade in Hyderabad, India – the second, finishing the construction of the Sauti Kuu Banda in Alego, Kenya. He benefits most from the various exposures to different building traditions, learning what he can to further develop and refine a meaningful design process. Sauti Kuu Banda and Community Center: Open!, June 15, 2012
Miku Kano, Business Coordinator, Tohoku Rebuilding Program - Japan
Miku was born in Toyota, Aichi. She earned her bachelor degree in Business and Commerce and her masters degree in Economics at Keio University. During her master years, she studied Microfinance at BRAC university, Bangladesh. In February 2013, Miku joined Architecture for Humanity as a Business Coordinator to assist in building back better Tohoku with the power of local communities and design.
Yuko Okamura, Reconstruction & Resiliency Studio - San Francisco
Yuko received her BA in Architecture from the University of Washington, and her M.Arch from the University of British Columbia. While always having a strong passion for humanitarian and environmental design, her experience volunteering in the tsunami-struck region of Japan fueled her particular interest in architecture's potential to build back better and create more resilient communities following a disaster. Yuko joined Architecture for Humanity as a Reconstruction and Resiliency Studio intern in October 2012, and transitioned to a Design Fellow in January 2013.
Ana Ramos, Tarrafal FFH Centre - Cape Verde
Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Ana grew up in Macau, in southeast China. Having graduated as an architect in 2005, from Lisbon’s Technical University, she holds a master’s degree in ‘Building and Urban Design in Development’ from the Development Planning Unit of The Bartlett, University College of London (2010). She is a registered architect at the Ordem dos Arquitectos (Portugal) since 2007. Ana has worked as a freelancer, as well as for different practices in Portugal and the UK. She has development-related design experience in Rio de Janeiro with Jorge Mario Jauregui Architects, and for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with Thinking Development. Field research has taken her to Istanbul, Turkey, and she was part of the team developing a manual on ‘Transitional Shelter Guidelines’ at Shelter Centre, Geneva, prior to moving to Cape Town.
Kayoko Sakamoto, Communications Associate, Tohoku Rebuilding Program - Japan
Kayoko born in Nishinomiya,Hyogo. She comes from a professional background in event coordination and promotion, and has managed several community-based events in Japan. She joined Architecture for Humanity in April 2014 as a Communication Associate to promote our work in Japan, and raise awareness of the social design in Japan through our projects throughout the world.
Frédérique Siegel, Haiti Rebuilding Center - Haiti
Frédérique earned a degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University, and is a current Graduate Fellow in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism with the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, in London. She has worked in various planning and development capacities in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Brooklyn and St. Paul. Frédérique now advises on planning and transportation issues that arise in various projects at the Rebuilding Center.
Preshanta Vandeyar, Edendale Football for Hope Centre - South Africa
Preshanta Vandeyar is a South African, born and brought up in Johannesburg. She recently returned to South Africa having lived and worked in London for 8 years. Preshanta has worked with many firms in the UK including Paul Brookes Architects, Burrell Foley Fischer, and Kate Otten Architects. Because her masters thesis proposed an urban design model which aimed to empower impoverished South Africans, Preshanta was motivated to apply for the Design Fellow position in Edendale, South Africa.
Yoichi Wakabayashi, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tohoku Rebuilding Program - Japan
Yoichi is an expert in helping small and medium businesses. At Architecture for Humanity, he leads the MakiBiz team in Japan, working in collaboration with business professionals to aid small and medium enterprises in communities affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. With his experience in top level positions at financial institutions in the region, he is able to respond to the various needs of affected businesses including financing, business plan development, and helping businesses come up with a sustainable revitalization plan.
Akinobu Yoshikawa, Senior Design Fellow, Tohoku Rebuilding Program - Japan
Going through two major earthquakes in Japan (1995, 2011), the former initiated his interest in architecture. Getting his professional education in New York and Los Angeles, have since returned to Japan in 2009 for his Doctoral studies. He joina Architecture for Humanity in March 2012, to assist in rebuilding the Tohoku region of Japan.

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