Previous Design Fellows

Design Fellows at Architecture for Humanity gain new experiences while participating in valuable design work for the projects they serve. Meet the alumni:

Stephane Cherduville, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Stephane studied Civil Engineering at Tufts University in Boston, graduating in 2009. As a Design Fellow, Stephane is responsible for the contractor bid process and construction management.
Diego Collazos, Happy Hearts / SURA School Reconstruction Program, Mexico, Chile & Peru
Diego is currently working for the post-disaster school rebuilding program that benefits underprivileged communities in Peru, Mexico and Chile. With more than 7 years of experience, Diego has been involved in diverse architectural, urban regeneration, architecture in development, research and planning projects in a variety of locations including Bolivia, Mexico, Turkey, England and Romania, with an emphasis on social infrastructure, participatory design and community empowerment. He holds an architectural bachelor degree from Monterrey Technical Institute (ITESM) in Mexico and a building and Urban design in Development Master Degree from University College London (UCL).
Natalie Desrosiers, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
“Many people have left the country, but those who really love Haiti have stayed. That’s why I came back.” Born in Haiti, Natalie moved abroad to undertake studies in architecture. While living overseas, she worked for different architectural firms, performing a number of internal designing tasks and monitoring work on site. She decided to return and put her skills to the benefit of her country, living by the principle of those-who-are-given-much-are-asked-to-give, helping to spread what she’s learned and experienced. In September 2011, Natalie joined the Architecture for Humanity team, willing to pay it forward and make a true difference.
Killian Doherty, Esperance Football for Hope Centre, Kimisagara, Kigali, Rwanda
Killian is an Architect, originally from Ireland. Having worked in Stockholm, Dublin, and London, and completing a Masters in Architecture at the Royal Technical College (KTH) in Stockholm ,he volunteered with a grassroots organization on the post-katrina reconstruction of New Orleans. A visiting studio tutor at the KTH in Stockholm, Gothenburg , University of Johannesburg and KIST(Rwanda) Killian has exhibited his work in Ireland, Sweden and the US.
Elisa Engel, Ramotswa FFH Centre, Ramotswa, Botswana
Elisa comes from Germany but had lived in Swaziland for several years prior to her architectural studies. She studied architecture in Belfast and graduated in Architecture and Development Practices from Oxford Brookes University in 2004. For the past 7 years she has been working in the UK. Her focus is on educational architecture and participatory design. Elisa is fully qualified and registered with the UK Architects' Registration Board. She is now on sabbatical while acting as a Design Fellow for AfH. Groundbreaking ceremony in Ramotswa, July 24, 2012
Kate Evarts, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Kate is a licensed architect and LEED AP from Seattle. She has over 20 years experience in educational and cultural projects in New York, Zurich, and Seattle. She received her M.Arch from UCLA. Kate’s professional focus has been on campus master planning and design for K-12 schools. Her work has emphasized community engagement and educational outreach with a strong emphasis on programming. Kate joined Rebuilding Center in April 2011. She brings her expertise in educational design to help oversee the Center's school projects. Collaboration 'On Design' For Children in Haiti and Beyond, July 10, 2012
Paulo Fernandes, Manica FFH Centre, Manica, Mozambique
Originally from Portugal and a licensed architect since 2005, Paulo worked in several architecture studios in Portugal and Spain. Recently, he strengthened his personal research in sustainable architecture, with the aim of improving living conditions without compromising future generation’s resources. Currently enrolled in the post-master “DSA Terre” in CRAterre-ENSAG, France, he is developing a thesis topic on earth architecture, sustainable development, low cost housing, and informal settlements. Oven Building in Mozambique, July 31, 2012
Gina Fontes, Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown, Headquarters
Born in Germany and raised all over the United States east coast, Gina is a photographer, blogger & multimedia designer, with a B.A. in Television Production from Hofstra University, in New York. After travel-blogging her way across the country, she relocated to San Francisco, where she was brought on as a headquarters Design Fellow in October of 2012 to co-run the Guerrilla Green student design challenge.
Audrey Galo, Disaster Resiliency & Recovery Program, San Francisco
Audrey completed a undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a masters degree at the California College of the Arts specializing in urban design. She is passionate about non-profits dedicated to design, sustainable practices and education. In October 2011, she joined the organization as a Haiti Program Intern and in January 2012 she transitioned into her current role as a Design Fellow developing the AIA / Architecture for Humanity Disaster Resiliency and Recovery Program.
Darren Gill, Nakaseeta Academy, Mukono, Uganda; and Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Darren comes to the Haiti team following a design fellowship with Architecture for Humanity building the earth block-based Nakaseeta Academy in rural Uganda. Previously, Darren has worked on a wide variety of projects in Haiti and India, including the design and construction of homes and schools, and environmental conservation work. He now oversees design and construction for the Rebuilding Center.
Burtland Granvil, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Burtland is a Registered Architect and LEED AP from New York. With over ten years of experience, mainly in Construction Administration of various educational projects, he joins the Haiti Rebuilding Center to help with its long-term efforts. His role also expands to guiding Architecture for Humanity Haiti interns & volunteers through the IDP process. Burtland is a descendant of Haitian parents and is interested in building back better while maintaining Haiti’s culture.
Dave Hampton, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Port-au-Prince
Previously of Chicago, Dave as worked as a licensed architect, LEED AP and certified Passive House ™ consultant on sustainable retrofits, rooftop gardens and living wall designs through his firm Echo Studio. Dave also founded Urban Habitat Chicago, an Illinois nonprofit that encourages sustainable concepts and practices in urban environments. Dave presently lives and works with the J/P Haiti Relief Organization on various projects–including improvements to the Pétionville Club internally-displaced persons camp, as well as clinic and housing design and construction services in dense urban communities of Port-au-Prince.
Carl Harrigan, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Carl studied Civil Engineering at the University of Florida, where for two years he assisted PhD students and conducted research with the Hurricane Research Center. After graduating in December 2009, Carl now trains fellow Haitians on proper constructions methods as an Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow.
Michael Heublein - Baguinéda Football for Hope Centre, Bamako, Mali
Michael is a registered architect and LEED AP in the United States, and has worked for firms in the U.S. and Australia on projects in the States, Australia, China, Mexico and Nicaragua. Michael has a Masters Degree from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. He is also a former Peace Corps Volunteer and worked for USAID in Guinea, West Africa.
Garrett Jacobs, Green Schools Program, San Francisco headquarters
Garrett moved to the bay from New Orleans where community design build was his passion. He lets an M.Arch from Tulane collect dust while journeying through the progressive beginnings of the architecture profession. He helps coordinate the Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown and aids in the writing and research of a toolkit for green school retrofits.
Sandhya Naidu Janardhan, 2009 Open Architecture Challenge, San Francisco
Sandhya joined Architecture for Humanity as Program Coordinator in June 2010. Previously, she held a design fellowship, working on Razi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India, standardizing and establishing an infrastructure for low-cost health clinics. Sandhya also worked on the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge, conducting research and working with low-cost private schools in Hyderabad and Uganda. Sandhya is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India.
Alina Jeronimo, Manica FFH Centre, Manica, Mozambique
Alina is an accredited and registered Architect from Portugal. She studied in Lisbon in the Lusiada University and worked in Portugal and Spain during the last 4 years. Ending the post-Master “Earth Architecture” in CRAterre, Architecture School of Grenoble, France, she is focusing her thesis research on sustainable architecture in informal settlements. Building Blocks in Mozambique, August 7, 2012
Nathan Jones, Besongabang FFH Centre, Besongabang, Cameroon
Nathan is from the UK, now living in Cameroon. He worked in a foundry at the age of thirteen and studied in UEL London and at the Center for Alternative Technology in Wales. He worked in different architectural firms in the UK, in an engineering and sheet metal company in US and Timber framing yard in Wales. He also has a great experience in Earth construction as he worked in a Earth building construction company in Gambia. "Thanks for the Model!" video from Cameroon, July 12, 2012
Schendy Kernizan, Architecture Design Fellow, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Schendy Kernizan is a Design Fellow with Architecture for Humanity Haiti team. Schendy was born in Newark, NJ and went to high school in Haiti at the Union School. He later received a degree in Architecture at Philadelphia University (Pennsylvania), graduating in 2008.
Oliver Kienzi, Lubumbashi FFH Centre, Katanga, Congo
Oliver is an Architect originally from Zurich, Switzerland. He got his Master’s Degree from ETH Zurich and has worked with architectural firms in Switzerland and New York, where he has been living and working for 17 years prior to starting to work with Architecture for Humanity. He is in the process of becoming a licensed Architect in NY State, is an Associate Member AIA and a member of the Swiss Engineers and Architects Association, SIA. No One Said It Was Easy..., August 24, 2012
George Kinuthia, Qwa Qwa FFH Centre, Free State, South Africa
George started his passion in the building industry with studies in construction technology in Kenya, thereafter proceeding into Architectural studies and a Bachelor of Architecture at University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and a Master of Architecture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in South Africa. He continued to work independently and for practices in various cities and towns in South Africa. His experience nurtured a long time passion of engaging in public architecture - particularly that which seeks to uplift underprivileged communities. “I believe that well thought-out public architecture can greatly influence positive socioeconomic change to communities and lifestyles.” Building rising up at QwaQwa, July 19, 2012
Keshav Kumar, Creation of Sports Infrastructure in Delhi, Delhi, India
Keshav joined Architecture for Humanity in 2011 as a design fellow with the Nike Gamechangers program, offered an opportunity to work at the grassroots level with local community partners in developing sports facilities for underprivileged youth. Keshav has a hands-on construction approach, and likes to innovate building details using local materials and techniques. Keshav is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India. Keshav has a degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He has varied interest and work experience in Architecture, Graphics and Product design.
Jean René Lafontant, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Jean René studied architecture at the University of Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince, graduating in 2007. He has practiced with local firm URAU and has conducted research with ISPAN (Institute for the Protection of National Heritage) and the Tourism Ministry. Jean René joined Architecture for Humanity in February 2011 to assit in architecture and construction management. Summer Credit: Civic Art Accomplishments in Haiti Schools, August 22, 2012
Carolina Libardi, Enel Cuore, Headquarters (San Francisco)
Carolina was born in Brazil and raised moving around the world. She studied
Architecture and Urban Design at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
and at the École d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville. While living in Brazil, she worked as licensed architect for several different offices, performing design tasks and construction administration. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona, where she received her M.Arch from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Carolina joined Architecture for Humanity in 2012 to give back to her community in Brazil. Following the Sports and Recreation Area of the Vale do Cuiabá region, Carolina joined Headquarters to work on Enel Cuore.
Delphine Luboz, Football For Hope, San Francisco
Delphine holds a degree in Architecture from Paris Val de Seine National School of Architecture. She worked for several private architectural firms in Paris and London, performing design and management tasks at all project stages. Her different experiences and trips around Europe, Asia and Africa, and a strong passion for community-focused design, have influenced her practice of architecture. She joined Architecture for Humanity as a Design Fellow in September 2011, prior to which she was involved as a volunteer with both HQ and the London chapter working on different projects and developing fundraising strategies. She is currently working on the Football for Hope program, helping coordinating the different projects around Africa.
Stacey McMahan, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Stacey has taken a year off as a principal at Koch Hazard Architects in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to represent the United States Green Building Council and the American Institute of Architects as the Haiti team's sustainability design fellow. Stacey plays a role in every design project incorporating sustainable and LEED techniques appropriate to Haiti, increasing the quality of buildings and spaces.
Themba Mekwa, Mogalakwena FFH Centre, Limpopo, South Africa
Themba is a registered architect residing in Cape Town. A South African national, he holds a post-graduate degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and has spent the last 5 years working for a reputable local firm on various residential, commercial and education projects. He enters the Football for Hope program with a keen interest for collaborative design and youth orientated development. Other interests include experimentation in product and furniture design with special focus on the design to manufacturing process.
Lyndia Mesidor, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Lyndia Mesidor joined the Rebuilding Center in March 2010. Mesidor became interested in architecture while attending American Senior High School and earned a scholarship to Florida A&M University where she graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture in 2007. Born of Haitian parents, she speaks French, Creole and English. Lyndia is a natural born runner, though she hasn't been able to for a while and complains that she's getting too scrawny.
Luvuyo Mfungula, Edendale FFH Centre, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Luvuyo studied architecture at the Durban university of technology graduating in 2004. He has since been working for some of most well known South African designers. Luvuyo has a passion for community projects and have over the years gained experience in realizing such projects through understanding the crucial ability of balancing the needs, expectations and budget constraints that are unique to each. As a driven young designer he would like to see architecture help in improving the quality of life.
Dorothy Miller, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Dot Miller first joined The Rebuilding Center in January 2011 as a volunteer from Scotland. She graduated with an MArch in 2007. After six months service she returned to Haiti in September as a Design Associate. She previously worked in a Scottish office primarily on conservation and sustainable architecture.
Unathi Mkonto, Alexandra FFH Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
Unathi He was born in Peddie South Africa, now living in Cape Town. He has studied Bachelor of Building Arts in Architecture at Nelson Mandela Metro University, till third year level.
Kuda Mutsonziwa, Bulawayo FFH Centre, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Over the past 8 years Kuda has worked in design and construction for private firms and NGOs in the UK, Rwanda and Zimbabwe where she specialised in designing healthcare and education facilities, residential buildings and sustainable design. She holds degrees from Greenwich University, London and has recently publish works on Urban Agriculture practices in Zimbabwe.
Football for Hope in Zimbabwe, July 11, 2012
Toru Nakaki, Tohoku Rebuilding Program, Ishinomaki, Japan
Toru was born in Fukushima. Before he became a Design Fellow for the Tohoku Rebuilding Program, Toru has worked for several years on architectural design and construction administration of hospital projects at an architectural firm in Tokyo. Currently he manages several reconstruction projects after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Toru has the ability to take on various projects in different stages, and to push them through construction.
David Pound - Oguaa Football for Hope Centre, Cape Coast, Ghana
After graduating from The Manchester School of Architecture in 2002, David worked for a number of large scale practices where he specialised in the design of residential buildings, schools and educational facilities. In 2008 he moved to Ghana to design inclusive school buildings for a local NGO, that specialises in mixed ability education. In March 2010 he started working for AFH as a Design Fellow. He has always had a desire to design schools and places of learning as he sees them as places that are integral to the teaching and learning process.
Gerry Reilly, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
Gerry joined the Rebuilding Centre in 2010 after earning a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Dundee. He trained at Simpson & Brown Architects, Edinburgh, specialising in the conservation and restoration of historically protected buildings. Gerry now oversees design and construction projects, partnering with local contractors to guide safe building practices.
Ana Reis, Tarrafal FFH Centre, Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Ana worked for different practices in Portugal and she acted as a project architect for the Figueira da Foz Municipality from 2001 to 2006. She then moved to the UK where she worked for Foster+Partners and Adjaye Associates and co-founded Langdon Reis Architects in London, 2008. The studio won a number of competitions, collaborated on a number of large urban studies and completed small residential projects. Ana graduated in 1998 from Lusíada University in Portugal, where she undertook postgraduate studies in “Rehabilitation of Historic Places” in 2001. Recently she completed a Masters Degree of Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University in London. She is a registered architect at the Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses in Portugal since 1998, and registered at the ARB in the UK in 2007.
Alma Ruiz, Iringa FFH Centre, Iringa, Tanzania
Born and raised in Mexico, Alma completed her Bachelors degree in Architecture at the Iberoamericana University, Mexico City. She has been involved in several urban, architectural and interior design projects in Africa and Mexico. She worked as a project leader in Interior design in several architectural offices in Mexico City, and Cape Town on urban design in 2009. She was the team leader in the research “The Vernacular Art Inside Informal Settlements”. She has had the opportunity of working within communities in Africa and Mexico and has been involved in different kind of Social Activities since her studies.
Takaharu Saito, Tohoku Rebuilding Program, Ishinomaki, Japan
Coming from the background of community-art programs and small business support, Takaharu has been deeply involved in a number of community-related projects such as revitalization of an old spa town, urban honeybee keeping and making a documentary of a small fishing community (before the tsunami). As a design fellow, Takaharu works on business support and community building.
Kristen Schlott, I Love Architecture campaign, Headquarters (San Francisco)
Kristen holds a BS in Environmental Studies and Environmental Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, and last year moved to the Bay Area to complete the Sustainable Cities summer [IN]STITUTE at the Center for Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. She joined Architecture for Humanity in 2012 and has been assisting the Development Team carry out their spring 2012 campaign, I Love Architecture.
Ken Smith, Various endeavors, San Francisco
Ken has been a Design Fellow had Headquarters since 2011. Ken has an extensive professional background in technology, international relations, architecture, and landscape design. Ken been a volunteer plant propagator at Tilden Botanical Garden in Berkeley, and teaches an independent study course in social architecture at the University of California. Ken now works on several projects through HQ, including landscape design for 16 de Septiembre School and guiding child-focused urban design in Ghana.
Preeti Sodhi, Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, New York City
Preeti is an urban planner who graduated with a BA in Metropolitan Studies from New York University in 2004 and a MS from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation's Urban Planning Department in 2009. Interested in the planning and design of public spaces, her masters' thesis focused on how the City of New York addressed the appropriation of public space by skateboarders and planned and designed skateparks. Preeti also curated the exhibition “From the Banks to the Globe: The Geography of Skateboarding in NYC”, at the Queens Museum of Art in 2010. Interview: Preeti Sodhi & the Manhattan Bridge Skate Park, July 30, 2012
Axel Stelter - Lesotho FFH Centre, Maseru
Axel is originally from Germany and worked in design and construction for numerous firms in Portugal, Germany and California, USA. Axel obtained his architecture degree from the University of Berkeley in California.
Olivia Stinson, Haiti Rebuilding Center, Port-au-Prince
After completing a planning degree in New York City, Olivia moved to post-Katrina New Orleans to work on affordable housing development and was a fellow with Rockefeller Foundation Urban Redevelopment Fellowship. Interested in international development, she moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to work for the World Bank on the city’s climate change strategy, completing a published study and educational film on climate change adaptation. Her planning work involves helping governments and communities in developing countries harness good design for urban development problems in disaster-affected areas. Mapping Haiti's uncharted communes, March 30, 2012
Zac Taylor, Students Rebuild, San Francisco
Zac joined Architecture for Humanity in 2011 after earning an MSc in Regional & Urban Planning from the London School of Economics. Zac also holds a BA from the College of Environmental Design and the Blum Center for Developing Economies at U.C. Berkeley. He has trained in London and Nairobi, Kenya as a housing and infrastructure planner, specializing in participatory strategies for integrated slum upgrading. Zac now supports Students Rebuild, co-founded by Architecture for Humanity to mobilize young people to connect, learn, and take action on critical global issues. Youth Rock for a More Sustainable Future, October 4, 2012
Mark Warren, Football For Hope, Cape Town
Mark Warren is a design fellow for Football for Hope program office in Cape Town, South Africa. An architect licensed in California, Mark brings seven years of professional experience and a Masters in Architecture from the Catholic University of America in Washigton, D.C. His interests in local, sustainable and vernacular design are a crucial asset to coordinating design and construction of sports facilities in fifteen African countries.