The 2012 American Giving Awards

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For the first time in human history children will die five years younger than their parents.

Let’s give them those five years back.

$25 = 'Restore the Shore' Song Bundle - Receive a free MTV music download with 30 songs from the past six seasons of “Jersey Shore” as a “Thank You” for your donation. $250 = TV Shout Out! - Get your name in an MTV “Thank You” video that will air during a “Jersey Shore” marathon, and music bundle. $500 = Boardwalk of Fame - Get your full name inscribed on the new Seaside Heights boardwalk that your donation will help rebuild, the shout out, and the bundle.

Vote now through December 4th.


You can help empower us.

What if we hit the tipping point in life expectancy? What if 10 years old are going to live 5 years less than there parents? This is not the future. This is America in 2012.

Over the last century we built a world where children no longer lead active lifestyles. They are backseat passengers along the concrete roadways of our towns and cities. A perfect storm of rocketing obesity rates, blighted and dangerous urban spaces and a digital world that has disconnected a generation of kids has unfolded. Help us launch this initiative and build 100s of active spaces across the country.

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