Board Members

Architecture for Humanity is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by a board of directors and an advisory board which is replaced every two years. With each project, additional advisory board members are assembled based on their individual areas of expertise.

Board of Directors

Board Chair:
Matt Charney

Board Members:
Phoebe Campbell
Paul Gabie
Clark Manus
Scott Mattoon
Toshiko Mori
Margaret Gould Stewart
Yutaka Takiura

General Counsel:
Jenner & Block LLP

Past Chairs:
Niama Jacobs

Past Board Members
Clifford Curry
Niama Jacobs
Taylor Milsal
Narry Singh
Kate Stohr

Community Builders

Architecture for Humanity is advised by a collective of strategic thinkers whose contributions support the ongoing and long-term operations of the organization. Learn more about our Community Builders.

Former Advisory Board Members (1999 - 2008)

John Bacus, Project Manager, Google, Boulder, CO, USA
Dr. Robert Blaich, ICSID Principal, Blaich Associates, Aspen, CO, USA and former V.P. of Design at Herman Miller
Melanie Cornwell, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Dubin, Principal, Lisa Dubin Architect, NY, USA and Consultant, International Rescue Committee
Dr Shaffiq Essajee, Director, AIDS Research and Family Care Clinic, Mombasa, Kenya
Heather Harding La Garde, IntraHealth, USA
Frank Gehry, Santa Monica, USA
Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Goldman Properties, Miami, FL
Rodney Harber, Principal, Harber and Associates, South Africa
Zem Joaquin, Ecofabulous, Kentfield, CA
Steve Kinsler, Principal, East Coast Architects, Durban, South Africa
Chuck Lauster, Principal, Lauster Radu Architects, NY, USA
Dr. Reuben Mutiso, Principal, Tectura International, Nairobi, Kenya
Dan Shine, President, 50x15 Foundation, Austin, TX, USA
Ambassador Richard Swett, Principal, Swett Associates and former US Congressman and Ambassador to Denmark, Bow, NH, USA

Former Competition Jurors and Project Reviewers

Cameron Diaz, Actor, USA
Carlos Poso, Director and Co-Founder, Kallari Association, Ecuador
Chris Elias, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
Dan Shine, Vice President, 50x15 program, AMD
Daniel Lobo, Project Manager of Communities by Design, American Institute of Architects, USA
David de Rothchild, Founder, Adventure Ecology, UK
Dr. Daniel Kraft, Stanford University
Dr. Duncan Smith Rohrberg Maru, Nyaya Health, Nepal
Dr. Sanjay Basu, Nyaya Health, Nepal/USA
George Onyango, Program Director, SIDAREC, Kenya
Gina Panza, AMD
Harper Robertson, High School Student/Designer
James Ludwig, Director of Design, Steelcase
Jessie Lutz
John Bacus, SketchUp Product Manager, Google
Katie Pipkin, Artist/Photographer
Katy Frankel, Creative Commons
Kunle Adeyemi, Architect, Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Lance Hosey, William McDonough & Partners
Leonora Oppenheim, Writer, Treehugger/fmr. Designer, Kallari Association
Lisa Rochon, Architectural Critic, The Globe and Mail
Lucy Mathai, Executive Director, SIDAREC
Matthew Chetty, 50x15 Africa Project Manager, AMD
Melanie Cornwall, Projects Director, Wired Magazine, USA
Micah Nelson, Drummer, 40 Points, USA
Nancy Lublin, Executive Director, Do Something, USA
Nancy Pinchot, USA
Nathaniel Corum,Program Manager, Architecture for Humanity, USA
Nicolas Gilliland, Architect, Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), The Netherlands
Oswaldo Enriquez, Principal, Oswaldo Enriquez Architects, Ecuador
Paul Wrider, Lucas Arts, USA
Prof. Brian Sinclair, fmr. Dean of Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Canada
Prof. Wes Janz, Ball State University/Co-Director, CapAsia, USA
Randy Ramusack, United Nations Technology Officer, Microsoft, USA
Reid Walker, Vice President, Lenovo, USA
Sandeep Ashok, 50x15 Program Manager, AMD, USA
Sarah Rich, Editor, Dwell Magazine, USA
Scott Mattoon, Chief Architect, Sun Microsystems, USA
Steven Wright, Director, Salesforce Foundation, USA
Susi Platt, Architect, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, UK
Thomas Dolby, Musician, USA
Turk Pipkin, The Nobelity Project, USA

Catarina Fake, Flickr/Yahoo
Curt Beckmann, Appropedia
Cynthia Barton, Architecture for Humanity NY
Dan Toole, UNICEF, Nepal
Darlene Molnar
David Zaks
Dr Johannes van Dam, Population Council
Dr Micheal Sweat
Dr Peter R. Lamptey M.D., Family Health International
Dr Sunanda Ray, SAFAIDS
Elise Storck, United States Agency for International Development
Erik Charas
Ethan Zohn, Grassroots Soccer
Herb Sturz, Open Society Institute
Hunter Lovins
Jennifer Siegal, Office of Mobile Design
Jim Manico
Jonas Chau
Josh Ellis
Kate Bourne, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Kevin Carroll, The Catalyst Consultancy
Lloyd Alter, Treehugger
Mariana Amatullo
Max Zahniser
Michael Patterson, LA
Nicolas Thibodeau
Ophelia Wilkins
Paola Antonelli, MoMA
Phil Weilerstein, NCIIA
Rhana Naicker, Africa Center for Health and Population Studies
Rick Hill
Rick Joy, Rick Joy Architects
Samara Spence
Sara Boettiger
Shannon Bassett
Sonali Patel
Souris Hong-Porretta
Steve Howard, AMD
Steven Holl
Tod Williams
Toshiko Mori, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Walter Hood, UC Berkeley
Yves Behar, fuseproject